South Beach Sagres

FROM EUR 280,000

South Beach Sagres is residential beach condo located in the vibrant town of Sagres on the Western Edge of the Algarve. There are a mix of studio and 2 bedroom apartments available with a total of 44 apartments on sale. The luxury condominium will feature high and amenities including a pool, gym, roof top garden and even a surf room.

SBS Algarve offers individually designed apartments, ranging from studio to two bedroom apartments. All apartments have terraces, some with lagoon decks. Relax in your own space, breathe in the sea air. Whether its surfing, golf, or plain old relaxing, SBS Algarve will take you there…

The beaches and walking places, provide the perfect backdrop to Live Your Life, how you want. Rooftop terraces, on-site gym and pool.

Project: 100 Apartments
Golden Visa Eligible: €280,000 Scheme
Location: Rua Jaime Conde, Sagres, Portugal
Amenities: On-site lagoon pool, gym and roof terrace
Unit Price: Starting from €280,000
Unit type: Studio, Two bedrooms
Fixed Rent: 3.0% for 5 Years
Pre-launch phase: June 2021
Estimated Completion: Q4 2023

Country: Portugal

Type of Real Estate: Apartments

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