Mariposa Condominiums

FROM USD 350,000

Located just a few steps away from the pristine Mourne Rouge Bay and with the world-famous Grand Anse at a short walk distance, the condos boast custom made Italian furniture, a hard to rival location and a spectacular view. Comprised of twenty one refined apartments of various sizes that range from studios to three bedrooms units, Mariposa Condominiums represents the perfect opportunity for those seeking to invest in a financially sound Citizenship by Investment project.

All units are sold on a freehold condominium basis, with minimum investment starting at USD 350,000.

Mariposa Condominiums’ parent company, Event Enterprises, has been actively engaged in Grenada since 1984 ensuring clients’ needs are met with the necessary expertise.

Mariposa was initially developed as eleven units in 2012, being the first fully completed CBI project in Grenada. In 2017 an additional ten units were commissioned which have achieved full completion in July 2019. To date, over 80% of the original units have been sold yielding over thirty passports to investors and their families.

Event Enterprises offer a full range of management services so that a client can set investment on auto-pilot. All apartments have been consistently returning excellent results since their completion in 2012, with each unit averaging an occupancy rate of 10 months per year.

Country: Grenada

Type of Real Estate: Apartments

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