FROM EUR 430,000

The Trincadeira Townhouses are structured around one large external courtyard that functions as the core element of the house connecting interior and exterior spaces.

The living room opens to the courtyard and to an internal patio The residences can have two or tree suites one with a private patio.

The units overlook the Montemor-o-Novo’s Castle.

L’AND offers a small number of residences, designed by internationally renowned architects.

Each residence is carefully integrated into the landscape, in order to ensure total
privacy, tranquility and astonishing views.

Built with natural materials, such as stone and natural wood, the Villas are based on
the contemporary reinterpretation of Mediterranean courtyard houses and designed in such a way as to allow a fluid and natural connection between the indoor and the outdoor space.

Country: Portugal

Type of Real Estate: Villas

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