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MIRBEZVIZ is one of the first aggregators in the field of services for obtaining investment citizenship, obtaining a residence permit and buying or renting real estate abroad. We cooperate with all major companies working in the field of investment citizenship, residence permits and real estate abroad.



We will provide all the necessary information about investment citizenship and residence permit


We will compare all the strengths and weaknesses of companies in the investment citizenship industry


We will give recommendations on choosing a company that is trustworthy

Managing partner of Arkada Company, created by him in 2019. Over the 20 years preceding the founding of his own business, Andrey held key positions in the top management of the largest corporations in Sweden and CIS countries.

A year ago, I went through the difficult path of obtaining citizenship of Grenada and became the owner of a second passport, which opened the world to me without visas. I am firmly convinced that everyone should be able to determine their future and the boundaries of their freedom independently. That is why I created " MIRBEZVIZ " - not an ordinary legal company that helps people to obtain a residence permit or citizenship by investment, but one of the largest aggregators of the entire range of investment citizenship services on the market.

Member of the Management Board, Vice President, Director of MTS Foreign Companies (5 countries with a total number of subscribers over 25 million)

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Tele2 in Kazakhstan

Member of the GSMA Strategy Committee, Senior Advisor to the Executive Vice President of Tele2 in Sweden


I want to open a window to the WORLD for everyone who values freedom.

Andrey Smelkov, Founder of MIRBEZVIZ

Olga Stroeva — Commercial Director, Lawyer, Head of Investment Citizenship and Business Communications. One of the most experienced specialists in all areas of investment citizenship and residence permits.

For wealthy and successful citizens - a second passport or residence permit becomes new valuable asset against the background of general changes in the world, especially when it comes to freedom of doing business in other countries, expanding the circle of business partners on a global scale, health, safety and well-being of family members. In addition, this is an invaluable contribution to the future of their children, who will be able to get the best European education, become part of an economically stable society and provide themselves and their loved ones with a higher standard of living.

In the investment immigration industry since 2016. She rose from a sales manager to the Director of the Representative Office of the Company «I.I. I. Immigrant Integration and Invest GmbH» (Austria)

Speaker and expert of specialized international events: "Exhibition-Forum of Immigration Programs and Real Estate MIPIF", "Investment Migration Forum", "International Emigration Expo", etc.

Helped over 300 families to choose and apply for a second citizenship and residence permit in the Caribbean and the European Union while working in the investment immigration industry


Maxim Chernavin is a lawyer with good working knowledge of the International legal work and experience in citizenship for investment programs.

The second passport (or a residency permit as the case may be) in one’s pocket greatly expands the freedom of travel, choice of place of residence, and gives new options in terms of establishing business, opening bank account, arranging one’s life. This is an asset, the value of which it is hard to overestimate.

Lawyer with 24 years of experience and a good knowledge of the Citizenship by Investment programs and how they work

A significant experience of work with International entities and foreign agencies

Working with multinational citizens, creating international investments plans, incorporating individual country policies and funding schemes


Maxim Chernavin , Legal Director, MIRBEZVIZ

Each of our employees has extensive work experience

Timur Salakhetdinov

Director of Development and Partnerships of MIRBEZVIZ

Mike Lean

Director of International Operations of MIRBEZVIZ

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