Cookie policy

Revision No. 1 dated August 29, 2022

1 General provisions

1.1 Terms

When used in this Policy, capitalized terms are defined as follows:

1.1.1 Company email address

The email address by which the Company accepts Users' requests related to this Policy and using the Site as a whole: ;

1.1.2 Company

Limited Liability Company "Company ARKADA", PSRN 1227700499586, TIN 9717118919, address: 127521, Moscow, proezd Maryina Roshcha, 8 building 2, room 58, phone: +7 (499) 995-0116;

1.1.3 Site Content

Any information, regardless of the form and method of its display, posted on the Site;

1.1.4 Cookies

Small fragments of text transmitted to the browser from the Site when the User opens the Site. With the help of cookies, the site remembers information about visits to the Site by the User. This simplifies interaction with the site and makes it more useful for the User. Other technologies are also used for this purpose, including unique identifiers (used to distinguish between browsers, applications, or devices), pixels, and local storage;

1.1.5 Politics

This Policy, which may be changed by the Company from time to time;

1.1.6 User

A legal or natural person using the Site for any purpose;

1.1.7 Website

Mirbezviz website owned by the Company located at:;

1.2 Policy Objectives

The purpose of this Policy is: (1) informing the User about the list of Cookies used and automatically downloaded to the User's device; and (2) notifying the User of the purposes for installing and using Cookies, as well as the terms for their storage on the User's device; and (3) informing the User about how to disable Cookies and/or remove them from the User's device.

1.3 Privacy Policy

This Policy is an integral part of the Site's Privacy Policy, the current version of which the User can find at: .

1.4 Location of the Policy

The current version of the Policy for each specific moment is located at: .

1.5 Feedback

The User may send any feedback and suggestions related to the use of Cookies to the Company at the Company's Email Address.

1.6 Implied Consent

The User's use of the Site is considered by the Company as the User's implied consent to the terms of this Policy. If the User does not agree with the terms of this Policy, the Company asks the User to immediately stop using the Site.

1.7 Right to Cookies

From the moment of formation of each particular Chicu in accordance with the procedure established by this Policy, the rights to it belong to the Company.

1.8 Lack of identification

Cookies are not used and will not be used by the Company in the future to identify the User.

1.9 Intellectual rights

The Company owns all exclusive rights in relation to any Content of the Site. Placing the Site Content on the public Internet, allowing any person to use the Site are not and should not be considered as any license (permission) given by the Company to any person to use the Site Content in any way, except for familiarizing such a person with the information contained on the Site , while such familiarization does not entail either the emergence of rights for such a third party in relation to this information, and the acceptance by the Company of responsibility for the consequences of using this information by such a third party in any way.

2 Cookies

2.1 Purpose of using Cookies by the Company

The Company uses Cookies to achieve the following purposes:

2.1.1 identification of the User (recognition of the browser and / or device each time the Site is logged in, saving the screen and browser settings and / or saving the login and password of the Users to enter the Site);

2.1.2 placing advertisements by third parties on the Site and / or tracking information about Users by them for the purpose of providing targeted advertising or analytics on the use of the Site;

2.1.3 analysis of site traffic by Users, identification of the effectiveness of advertising content and its popularity among Users;

2.1.4 operation of individual sections/pages of the Site (where the use of Cookies is essential);

2.1.5 improvement of consumer properties ("usability") of the Site and navigation on it;

2.1.6 improving the interaction between the Site and the User;

2.1.7 improving the quality of service and ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for Users when using the Site.

2.2 Types of information collected

With the help of Cookies, the Company obtains the following information about the User:

2.2.1 IP address, type of browser and device from which you access the Site; and

2.2.2 operating system and data about the Internet provider; and

2.2.3 information about the country from which you are logging in; and

2.2.4 date and time of visiting the Site, as well as the possible number of clicks made by the User.

3 Types of Cookies used by the Company

3.1 Currently Existing Types of Cookies

The following types of Cookies currently exist:

3.1.1 Technical cookies

These Cookies are necessary for the smooth and reliable operation of the Site. Disabling this type of Cookies may result in the restriction of the User's access to certain functionality of the Site;

3.1.2 Persistent cookies

They are stored in the memory of the User's device for a certain period of time and are responsible for the User's personal preferences set in the browser (for example, the browser's language settings and / or the font of the Site);

3.1.3 Statistical cookies

They are needed to track the pages / sections of the Site visited by the User, as well as to identify possible errors in the operation of the Site. The information collected about Users by this type of Cookie is anonymous and is necessary for the effective maintenance and updating of the Site, as well as for providing the User with targeted content;

3.1.4 Behavioral cookies

They are needed to collect information about the User's search queries and preferences for marketing and/or other market research in order to subsequently provide personalized marketing and advertising content to the User ;

3.1.5 Cookies related to third parties

They are needed for the following purposes: (a) collection by analytical platforms of information about the Website traffic by Users, formation of a User portrait, as well as analysis of the effectiveness of the Website and marketing strategy; and (b) providing, through third parties (marketing platforms or agencies), personalized advertising and/or marketing content to the User on the Site and/or third party websites.

3.2 Types of Cookies used by the Site

The site uses the following cookies:

3.2.1 Login Cookies

Files aimed at storing the User's registration data. These files are needed in order to free the User from the need to provide their registration data each time they enter the Site.

The storage period for each of these Cookies is 24 (Twenty-four) months from the date of creation.

3.2.2 Google Ads Cookies

Files required to create targeted advertising from Google, Yandex Direct.

3.2.3 Standard technologies for collecting non -personalized information about the User

In addition to Cookies, the Site may also use the following technologies to collect non-personally identifiable information and track Users: web beacons, web bugs, clear gifs , local storage objects (such as HTML5 and Flash) and scripts.

These technologies help provide the functionality described in this Policy.

4 Deleting (disabling) cookies

4.1 General

When entering the Site, the User provides his consent to the use of Cookies by the Site as follows: when entering the website, the User puts a check mark in the "Agree" field in a pop-up window asking the User to consent to the use of Cookies.

Each User can at any time disable the operation of Cookies on the device from which the Site is accessed and / or delete previously downloaded Cookies on the device. If the User does not wish to disable Cookies and/or delete previously downloaded Cookies, no further action is required from the User in this case.

Please note that the Company makes every effort to ensure that the use of the Site is available to the User without downloading any Cookies. However, the Company does not guarantee that such Cookies will not be downloaded at all due to the technical and functional features of the Site.

Cookies can be stored on the User's device from several hours to several days or years, depending on the type of cookies loaded (used).

4.2 How to disable cookies

4.2.1 Order applied when working with specific browsers

The user can also disable cookies and / or delete them altogether by changing the settings of his browser (it is also possible to delete / disable cookies set by other websites): Google Chrome

you need to change the browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions on the link: ; Firefox

you need to change the browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions on the link: ; Internet Explorer

you need to change the browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions on the link: ; safari

you need to change the browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions on the link: .

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